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We offer goal-based financial planning. We start with defining your life goals and proritize them. Your existing and on-going investments are reviewed. Suitable modification are suggested. This is followed up with periodic reviews.

Retirement Planning - Arthagyan

Retirement Planning

This is a priority area as there is no pension for the private sector employees. Even for government and PSU employees who are covered under pension, there is a likely shortfall during the retirement age.

Marriage Cost Planning - Arthagyan

Marriage Cost Planning

Marriage of is one of the big expenses in our lives. Unlike house purchases which are funded by housing loans, for marriage of children, we need to plan well ahead

Higher Education Planning - Arthagyan

Higher Education Planning

Higher education whether in India or abroad is getting more expensive by the day. There are education loans offered by banks. However, several parents still believe in financing it by themselves
Tax Planning- Arthagyan

Tax Planning

The investments that are made need to be made tax efficient. A good awareness of tax rules and suitable advise is required for effective tax planning
Post Retirement Cash Planning - Arthagyan

Post Retirement Cash Planning

After retirement, the retirement corpus needs to be invested prudently to ensure that the savings last for the life time
Estate Planning - Arthagyan

Estate Planning

After ones’ lifetime, the investments need to be passed on to loved ones with minimum of trouble which requires planning
“In the long run, it’s not just how much money you make that will determine your future prosperity. It’s how much of that money you put to work by saving it and investing it.”

- Peter Lynch

My Investing Story

My first brush with the stock market happened way back in ’95 when I had some savings from my recent 1.5 years of overseas work. Based on my friend’s advise, I had bought some shares of “bluechip” company – Tata Steel. To my bad luck the market did not realize that I had bought the share, because the share continued to fall for the next 1 year. Before I knew, it had lost half of its’ value.
But I did not loose heart and wanted to learn more about stock market. Hence I started reading Economic Times on a daily basis and started tracking the prices of several shares. I did not have any understanding of the basics of investing in those days. I had no idea why share prices rise and fall. I started to buy some more shares based on news articles. I had purchased SAIL, Silverline, Satyam Computers, DSQ etc....

Sriram Jayaraman

Complaint Status: As per SEBI Circular SEBI/HO/IMD/DF1/CIR/P/2019/169 for SEBI registered Investment advisers.  #Updated till 15 Nov 2021


Sriram Saroop, Product Manager at Google

I had a great experience working with Sriram Jayaraman and would highly recommend him as a fee-only financial planner. Sriram is humble, knowledgeable, analytical and patiently answers any queries. He’s always willing to discuss options and backs his recommendations with data and analysis. Though I had a reasonable understanding of goal based financial planning, I wanted an expert to review my current financial state and validate / suggest changes to my plan. Sriram did a thorough analysis of various options, suggested key changes and explained why these are needed.

Harish Jindal

Not just a good advisor, Sriram is an amazing person to talk to. And for me that matters a lot. First time I spoke to him over phone and I made my decision to sign up immediately. Last few months with him have been satisfactory professionally. Sriram is quite approachable and responds well. He is open to new ideas and change. I am fully confident of fee only model being the best model for the client’s long term financial health.

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